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About the Founder - 
 Vih Factor

​As an immigrant from South America, Brazil, moving to the United States was an adjustment. Finding the balance between being Brazilian, and becoming American the longer I live here. I wanted to find a way to combine those two cultures together while adding bits of my style and personality to create something that was representative of me. I wanted to share pieces of myself, my culture, my country and my experiences with others. 

During a visit to my father's hometown in Brazil, I watched my Nonna, 96, work her crochet needle and create the most beautiful objects. Blankets, purses, kitchen towels, decorations, all in a style of her own, she made something out of string, and I was mesmerized. While visiting my Mother's parents, I watched as my grandma (whom I affectionately call Vo) created the cutest little creatures. She introduced me to a style of crocheting that was completely different, so vibrant and colorful, each amigurumi cuter than the prior one, and not only did she make animals, but she created my favorite childhood characters, home decorations, and even a gorgeous crochet rug! She helped me see that the only limits to what you can do with yarn are in your imagination.

I got home, picked up a pencil, some paper, yarn, and a hook of my own, and the rest is history.

Everything you see here is unique, inspired by things I have seen, experienced, and learned. I find joy in creating things that are new, beautiful and bring joy to others lives. I hope that through my work you are inspired to create art in your own life, in ways you never imagined possible. <3

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