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How to make sure your pieces last

How do you wash crochet items, anyway? Plopping that gorgeous delicate piece in your next load of laundry could have disastrous results, with everything from shrinkage to the item losing its shape. To care for your crochet items properly, read below.


When it comes to washing crochet garments, the first question you need to ask yourself is whether it needs it or not. Can you get away with giving it an airing or freezing it instead, or maybe a steam or spot clean?


The less often you wash your crochet garments the longer they will last. Many fibers such as wool are naturally stain-resistant and anti-microbial so they don’t need washing very often (if at all), especially if they are not worn directly next to the skin.

If you're like me and live somewhere hot and humid? Be careful but don't be afraid to wash your pieces!


Make sure not to put the item in the washer or dryer, that will distort the item. To hand wash garments, do so one at a time. 

Fill a clean sink with lukewarm water and a small amount of a suitable detergent. 

Submerge the item in the water until all the air bubbles have gone. Moving it around gently but without scrunching or otherwise agitating too much.


Then leave to soak as instructed by the detergent (often around 15mins but times can vary depending on the garment etc).


Gently rinse out detergent if needed, again being careful not to agitate the fabric.

Remove excess water from your garment without wringing it out and be careful not to stretch, screw up or otherwise damage the item.


You should lay your garment flat on a clean towel and roll it up to gently squish the excess water.


Once again lay the item flat, reshaping if needed and leaving it to air dry.

Avoid hanging wet items on hangers or airers as the weight of the wet fabric will cause stretch and damage. This will leave you with stretched-out areas or a wonky fit!

You might want to use a clean white towel (white so there is no chance of color transference).

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